Jun 14

15 horses from our stable have qualified for Landsmót 2014, 12 from our breed and 3 that have been here for training.
Minning will compete in 250m pace, siblings Simbi and Sprengja in young rider-class, Frami qualified for both breedingshows and B-flock but is only going to participate in B-flock. Álffinnur in the class of stallions 7 years old and over, Jörmuni in 6 years old stallions, Álfhildur and Katla in 6 years old mares, Álfarinn in 5 years old stallions, Snekkja and Tíbrá in 5 years old mares and finally Álfastjarna in 4 years old mares.
The ones who are not from our breed are Hamingja, Vinátta and Þröstur. Hamingja and Vinátta are from Hellubær, they are both 4 years old. Vinátta is Álffinnur's first 1st prize offspring, shown as a fourgaiter with very promising ratings. Hamingja is the second highest 4 years old mare in Iceland as it is, she is after Aðall frá Nýjabæ and is very promising. The third is Þröstur, after Natan frá Ketilsstöðum and he is in the 6 years old stallions class.
Hamingja and Vinátta are after Þula and Vaka who were in second and 4th place at Landsmót 2002 and 2004.

B27Y4634 Simbi og Berglind Kynbótasyning Selfossi mai11 350 3 Firmakeppni 14 6 Álffinnur forskoðun 2 Frami LM14 Þröstur forskoðun 1 Jörmuni forskoðun 3 Álfhildur forskoðun 3 Katla forskoðun 1 IMG 0352-001 Snekkja Tíbrá forskoðun 3 IMG 3596 IMG 3317-001 IMG 3489

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