Feb 20
Here are some pictures from the Gala Show last Saturday night. We, Hafliði Halldórsson, Júlio Borba, Olil Amble and Bergur Jónsson managed to keep our promise and focus on nice riding and beautiful music. After a lot of preparing and a lot of training we presented Júlio Borbas Quadrille,we bealieve it has never been showed before. All the five gates of the Icelandic horse and exercises like shoulder in, leg yields and halfpasses, hind quarters out and travers. 11 horses and riders focusing on distances, rythm, gates, xercices and great music. Many of the best riders in the world participated in the show, Landsmót winners, Icelandic Champions, world champions and other famous horses. Fákasel is made as a horse theatre and the spotlight and light variation made a great atmosphere together with the live music the beautiful and talented couple Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir singer and her husband and gitarplayer Davíð Sigurgeirsson presented. The audience was great and the atmosphere in the ridinghall was partly magical, thank you so much to everybody that took part in making this a outstanding evening.