Aug 17

These two brother's have had another great year in the competitions. 

Ljóni frá Ketilsstöðum and his rider Maja Nymann Blitskov are the Danish champions in 5 gate combination with 3rd place in 5 gate and 5th place in pace test of young riders. This pair also won the A flokk at the Gæðingakeppni this spring with 8,56, well done! 

Our congratulations to Maja and her family.

Hlébarði frá Ketilsstöðum and Mara Daniella Staubli were in second place in the Swiss Championships in 5 gate F1, and in the Swiss team in the World Championship in Holland. At the World Championships, Mara and Hlébarði ended in sevent'h place in 5 gate F1, well done Mara!

Our congratulations to Mara and her family.